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My latest ebook, Reeves Indeed!, is now available to buy from,, Smashwords, iTunes, and other online stores (typical price $0.99 + applicable taxes).

Reeves Indeed! collects the complete set of my Reeves stories, which presents the misadventures of a robot butler and his master in a series of ever more bizarre and apocalyptic scenarios. Four of these all-dialogue stories have been published before, in Daily Science Fiction, Plasma Frequency magazine, and Space Squid, while the fifth, Speak for Yourself, I wrote especially for this collection. It brings the series to a conclusion.

The cover is by my good friend Tony Hughes.

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My recent talk on short story writing to the Thurrock Writers Circle, which I hugely enjoyed giving, made it into the local news!


To coincide with this event, which was the first of its kind for me, I've reduced the price of my two short story collections (Kindle edition only) on Amazon to just £0.99 / $0.99 for a limited time only.

Moondust Memories:   UK    COM

Sons of the Earth:   UK    COM

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PSA: I have finally deleted my LJ account, which I have only been cross-posting to for some years now. If you're reading this, you probably know the reasons for this final act!

I have copied across my journal title from LJ.

I can also be found on -- and I'm more active on -- Facebook (vstanger) and Twitter (@VaughanStanger). I will post major developments here, too. If you want to know what's going on in my writing life, my website is the best source of news.

Now returning you to your scheduled dreaming.

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For those of you who prefer print to pixels, my second collection of short stories, Sons of the Earth, is now available in a paperback edition from Amazon. I reckon it makes a good companion to my first collection (Moondust Memories) in terms of content and cover.

If you prefer to read ebooks, please note that the Kindle edition of Sons of the Earth is currently discounted to $0.99/£0.99 ( and only). This promotional price lasts until 1 March.

The thirteen stories feature in Sons of the Earth appeared in Interzone, Nature, Postscripts, Daily SF, and other highly regarded publications. Several have been translated and appeared in foreign language publications.

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I'm delighted to announce that my SF story 'Insider Art', which appeared in Abyss & Apex 58, has been nominated for the British Science Fiction Association's Awards for 2016, in the Shorter Fiction category (details here). If you're a BSFA member and would like to read this story before considering whether to vote for it, you can find it at

Second round voting by BSFA members closes on 31 January.

Needless to say, there are many fine works on all the longlists, some of them by big names in SF. So to see one of my stories keeping such illustrious company is rather special.

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I've dropped the price of my second SF&F collection, Sons of the Earth (Kindle edition).

13 published stories (Interzone, Nature, Postscripts, Daily Science Fiction...) for just $0.99 + sales tax! The price reverts to the usual $2.99 on Sunday 11 December (midnight).

The cover is by my good friend Tony Hughes.

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Tower of Chaos Press (owned by Jaine Fenn) is publishing an ebook anthology of stories written by members of the One Step Beyond writers’ group and edited by me. All profits from sales of the One Step Beyond anthology will go to English PEN, a charity which supports writers facing legal problems around the world. It goes on sale on 17 November but is available to pre-order now.

The authors featured in this anthology are: Jaine Fenn, Mike Lewis, Heather Lindsley, Alys Sterling, Susan Oke, Mark Bilsborough, Liz Holliday and me. Liz has written an introduction which explains the origins of the group. The cover is by Tony Hughes, who was also a member of the group in the early days. Tony creates the artwork for all my ebooks.

Purchase links:

Order at Amazon (UK) for £0.99
Order at Amazon (USA) for $0.99
Order at Smashwords for $0.99

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Sons of the Earth collects thirteen of my previously published stories into one ebook (Kindle format). It contains stories that were originally published in Interzone, Postscripts, Nature and other fine venues, also an introduction and a comprehensive set of story notes. The cover is by my good friend Tony Hughes.

Buy Sons of the Earth now for $2.99 from or £1.99 from
(Also available from other Amazon marketplaces.)

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My new short story collection Sons of the Earth is now available to pre-order from Amazon (Kindle format).

Sons of the Earth compiles thirteen of my SF&F stories, all of which were previously published in quality magazines and anthologies such as Interzone, Postscripts and Nature Futures.

Purchase links:


And before anyone asks: neither the author nor the cover artist are conspiracy theorists...
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Hi folks

Long time, no see. I hope you are all doing well.

If you're looking for summer reading, why not try my SF collection Moondust Memories? The Kindle edition is currently only $0.99 from or £0.99 from This price drop ends 28 July at 12:00. There is also a paperback edition available, for $4.99/£3.99, from the same marketplaces.

If you're looking for some free reads, including links to my most recently published stories, you'll find them here.

In other news: I'm working on a new ebook collection, which should be published by October.


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My SF short-short 'Invisible Touch' is today's story on Daily Science Fiction (free to read!).

Here's the perma-link for the story.

And here's an excerpt from my comments about it:

The core idea for "Invisible Touch" popped up in my Twitter feed a little over a year ago... If you type "chroma key green screen bodysuits" (or similar) into your preferred search engine you should find it. After a while I started wondering about job security for someone working in such a niche. If the work dried up, would that skillset find another use?"
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The latest issue of Postscripts (#34/35 'Breakout') contains not one but two stories by me!

A Walk in the Woods was originally published in Interzone, way back in 2003. Its sequel, A Walk in the Rain, is published for the first time in 'Breakout', which is available to order from PS Publishing's website.

I love the cover and feel more than a little honoured to appear in such a great line-up of authors.

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My SF short story Bee Futures is currently FREE to read at QuarterReads (until sometime on 1 September).

Bee Futures was also recently loaded onto AnthologyBuilder.

And finally... Bee Futures will be appearing in a new British SF magazine, The Singularity.

(Bees get everywhere!)

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Paul Cole has recorded Part One of my story 'The English Dead' for his latest 'Beam Me Up' podcast (#443). The reading starts at about 45m30s. Paul also talks about the story (and its "very good" writer <blush>) in his opening monologue.


Paul has gone to the trouble of incorporating appropriate background sounds for his reading of this SF/mountaineering story.

Part Two of 'The English Dead' will be presented in a future podcast. I can't wait to hear it.

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I've recently heard from Paul Cole that he wants to podcast my mountain-climbing SF story 'The English Dead' for his Beam Me Up show on WRFR lp/fm Rockland ME.

That will be my first story to be podcast -- and my first acceptance (other than royalty-paying reprints on QuarterReads) in a very long time.

The English Dead was originally published in Hub 36 (2007).

I'll let you know when the podcast is available.
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Whether you're a reader or writer (or both), you might want to take a look at QuarterReads, especially if e-books aren't your thing.

For the reader, QuarterReads provides on-line access to nearly 900 short stories, poems, essays and memoirs, from 220+ authors, many of whom will be familiar to DW/LJ folk. There are award-winners and nominees publishing and reprinting their work on QuarterReads. A $5 payment buys you 20 reads, hence the site's name. You can read the opening of any piece for free. Each week, one story is made free to read; it is accessible to anyone who visits the site. This week Cat Rambo has a free story, which is promoting the publication of her first novel.

For the writer, QuarterReads offers an outstanding royalty rate (88%) plus a tip-jar for each story. And yes, you do get do paid. I'm closing in on the threshold for my second $10 payment. Some other authors are doing a lot better than that. Please note, however, that QuarterReads only accepts pieces containing less than 2000 words.

If you're interested in reading my work on QuarterReads, then you'll find a full list with links and teasers on my website's dedicated page, or you can head straight there. You will need to set up an account to read my thirteen stories and memoirs in full.

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PSA for UK readers:

The Kindle edition of my SF collection Moondust Memories is only £0.99 to purchase from until midnight on 18 February.

"The tell-tale sign of great speculative fiction is that you are still thinking about it days after you finish reading. This has been the case for me with Moondust Memories. Highly recommended." (Dylan S. Hearn, from his 5* review on

"In summary, 'Moondust Memories' is a rewarding read in the best possible way. A wonderful collection of thought-provoking and challenging stories that you will enjoy whether you're a fan of sci-fi or not." (Paul Laville
, from his 5* review on

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My new ebook, Family Tree, is now available to purchase from all the usual online outlets, e.g.,, iTunes (US), iTunes (UK), etc. For a full set of author books links, please visit the Books page of my website.

This SF story was originally published in Helix (2008). If you enjoyed my Alternate Apollos ebook, you'll likely enjoy this one too. The theme is the importance of teaching and teaching, a subject dear to my heart for lots of reasons.

The cover is by my good friend, Tony Hughes.

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I've written a brief writer's year's summation blog post on my website. It may be of interest to those folk who are interested in that kind of thing...

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I have a new ebook available for pre-ordering.


Family Tree is a story that's very close to my heart. Originally published in 2008 (in Helix #7), in part it's a what-if about the Apollo programme, but mostly it's about the importance of teachers. I think Family Tree will resonate with a lot of readers.

This ebook will be released simultaneously in Kindle and epub formats on January 5th, 2015. However, it is available to pre-order now, from Amazon and Smashwords (iTunes, Kobo, B&N soon). UK/EU readers can pay less VAT if they pre-order Family Tree before January 1st.


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