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Whether you're a reader or writer (or both), you might want to take a look at QuarterReads, especially if e-books aren't your thing.

For the reader, QuarterReads provides on-line access to nearly 900 short stories, poems, essays and memoirs, from 220+ authors, many of whom will be familiar to DW/LJ folk. There are award-winners and nominees publishing and reprinting their work on QuarterReads. A $5 payment buys you 20 reads, hence the site's name. You can read the opening of any piece for free. Each week, one story is made free to read; it is accessible to anyone who visits the site. This week Cat Rambo has a free story, which is promoting the publication of her first novel.

For the writer, QuarterReads offers an outstanding royalty rate (88%) plus a tip-jar for each story. And yes, you do get do paid. I'm closing in on the threshold for my second $10 payment. Some other authors are doing a lot better than that. Please note, however, that QuarterReads only accepts pieces containing less than 2000 words.

If you're interested in reading my work on QuarterReads, then you'll find a full list with links and teasers on my website's dedicated page, or you can head straight there. You will need to set up an account to read my thirteen stories and memoirs in full.


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