Nov. 3rd, 2014 01:45 pm
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Due to security concerns, I've replaced all the shortened URL links on my website with direct links to the appropriate webpages.

Obviously, it's not practical to remove all such links in my posts, but I will delete the most recent examples on here, likewise on LJ and FB, also tweets.

(It's been a fun few days...)

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Daily Science Fiction has just published my flash-length SF story 'Supply and Demand in the Post-War Economy'.

Stories published at Daily Science Fiction are free to read.

(If you'd like to read this story's two prequels, the links to them are on my web-site,

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Prompted by the recent change in SFWA membership qualification rules, which fellow author Deborah Walker noted a few days ago, I've blogged about flash fiction as a distinct category on my web-site:
Feel free to comment/discuss either there or here. I've also posted about this on Facebook.

(** I should emphasise that I'm not and never have been a member of SFWA, and feel I have no particular need to be at this stage of my career.)

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I'm delighted to announce that Daily Science Fiction will be publishing my short story Supply and Demand in the Post-War Economy in a future issue.

That's my 27th story homed.

Supply and Demand... is the third in my Reeves series of all-dialogue pieces. The first (Writing on the Wall) appeared in Daily Science Fiction, the second (Warbling Their Way to War) in issue 8 of Plasma Frequency magazine.

There'll be more news closer to publication.
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For the duration of the World Cup (ends 13 July), I'll be donating 80% of any royalties I receive from sales of The Ultimate Show to Oxfam, a British charity easing suffering throughout the world. What's more, I'll donate 100% of any winnings I receive from the TTA Press World Cup sweepstake (I've drawn Germany) and round the donation total up to the next £10.

Included in The UItimate Show is 'Extra Time', a short story suitable for soccer/football fans and avoiders alike.

The Ultimate Show is available in Kindle format from all branches of Amazon, also in epub format
from Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. If you'd like to support this charity promotion, please go to my website's Books page and follow the link to the appropriate on-line store, which will take you to my author page and links to all my ebooks.

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The Kindle edition of my SF collection Moondust Memories is just £0.99 to buy from until midnight on 11 June. These eleven stories were published in leading magazines and anthologies, such as Nature, Postscripts, End of an Aeon, and Music for Another World.

Here's what readers are saying about Moondust Memories:

Dylan S Hearn: "The tell-tale sign of great speculative fiction is that you are still thinking about it days after you finish reading. This has been the case for me with Moondust Memories. Highly recommended." (5* review on Amazon and Goodreads).

Paul Laville: "A fabulous read!" (FB post)

For those of you who prefer print to pixels, there's also a paperback edition available (e.g. £4.99 at
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My short story Time to Play has been published in issue 9 of Graeme Hurry's excellent SF&F&crime 'zine for Kindles, Kzine. Better still, it's the lead story. Needless to say, I'm delighted about that!

If you'd like to avail yourself of a copy of Kzine #9, it's only £1.53 from and equivalent prices on the great river's other branches.

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This is just a reminder for those of you who might have missed my original announcement:

The Kindle edition of my spooky VR story Touching Distance is available to purchase at and, also the other tributaries.

Touching Distance was originally published in issue 7 of Postscripts. It received an Honorable Mention in the Datlow et al '"Year's Best Fantasy & Horror" anthology for 2006.

The gorgeous (IMO) cover is by Tony Hughes.

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My latest e-book for Kindle (and Kindle apps) is now available to purchase from, and all other branches of Amazon.

Touching Distance is an innovative virtual reality story, which was originally published in issue 7 of Postscripts (PS Publishing). It received an Honorable Mention in the relevant " year's best" anthology edited by Ellen Datlow et al.

The cover art is by my good friend Tony Hughes.

If you enjoy reading this story, please post a rating/review on Amazon.

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I'm delighted to announce that my story 'Warbling Their Way to War' has been published in issue 8 of Plasma Frequency Magazine.

I understand that there is a print edition, but for now you can purchase the magazine in Kindle format from: [COM] [UK]

(And probably in other formats from other outlets.)

This story is a sequel to 'Writing on the Wall' but it's sufficiently self-contained that reading the predecessor isn't essential. (But if you're interested, it's here:



Sep. 3rd, 2013 10:43 pm
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I'm delighted to announce that I have received an acceptance from the editor of Kzine (Graeme Hurry) for my music-themed short story, Time to Play.
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If you'd like to read a SETI tale written by me, then you can download Stars in Her Eyes in Kindle format, for zero of your preferred currency units, from all Amazon sites today (actually, I think that is until 08:00 tomorrow).


UK readers:

Matt Colborne's 5* review ( "This is an entertaining 'first contact' story that cleverly combines 'mind hacking' with extraterrestrials. It's also a good read for those of us who are amateur astronomers, and have SETI@home as a screensaver. Recommended."


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I'm pleased to announced that Trevor Denyer has accepted my horror fantasy short story Extra Time for reprinting in his new magazine, Hellfire Crossroads.

Extra Time was originally published in Hub #99, in October 2009.



Jul. 31st, 2013 09:03 pm
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I've just received notification from the editor of Plasma Frequency Magazine that he wishes to publish my SF short-short, Warbling Their Way to War. This story is a sequel to Writing on the Wall (published in Daily SF, a few years ago).

More news in due course.

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The editor of InterNova, Michael Iwoleit, has just informed me that he wishes to reprint my rock star/astronomy/cold fusion SF story Star in a Glass.

Star in a Glass originally appeared in Music for Another World (Mutation Press) in 2010.

Needless to say, I'm very happy with that!
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Until December 2011 I worked for BAE Systems, a British defence engineering company. Now the nice people who produce and publish their pension scheme newsletter have written a short article about my e-book endeavours. The article is not on the internet, but I've been given permission to reproduce it here:

The only downside is that I suppose this means I'm no longer a bright young thing, publishing-wise!

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For today and tomorrow only, my SF story 'Stars in Her Eyes' is free to download in Kindle format from and (and all other tributaries).

If you enjoy amateur astronomy and camping, this might well be the story for you. SETI enthusiasts should also like it.

Reviews from

"This bittersweet tale of first contact melds an intriguing premise with an engaging metaphor that emerges directly but subtly from the subject matter and doesn't feel the least bit forced or contrived. It also makes a smart point about the price we pay for change and progress without ever being didactic."

"This is an entertaining 'first contact' story that cleverly combines 'mind hacking' with extraterrestrials. It's also a good read for those of us who are amateur astronomers, and have SETI@home as a screensaver. Recommended."

(If you've read and enjoyed this one already, I do have seven other short story ebooks available in Kindle format, all available at very low prices, from and
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... Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest.

But did George Mallory and "Sandy" Irvine get there first, 36 years earlier?

Read my science-fictional take on this abiding mystery in 'The English Dead':

And in non-Kindle formats at:

(Also available for Kobo, Nook and Sony eReader from your usual on-line stockists)

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Stars in Her Eyes (Kindle edition) has received some very good reviews:

"This is an entertaining 'first contact' story that cleverly combines 'mind hacking' with extraterrestrials. It's also a good read for those of us who are amateur astronomers, and have SETI@home as a screensaver. Recommended." (Matt Colborn,, 5*)

"This author writes to make his readers think. His stories are unique and original. While reading his stories you will stop and think about the ideas the author presents and then you will enjoy watching how his take of that thought progresses through to the end. If you enjoy Hugh Howey's "Wool" series, you will enjoy reading Mr. Stanger. No zombies, no sad vampires just excellent, classic sci-fi writing." ("Tacky Tackitt,, 4*)

That's 6100 words of high quality SF for tiny amounts of your e-cash!

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My short-short SF story Bee Futures will be published in the 2 May issue of Nature**. But you can read it on-line now, for free!

There's also a one-page PDF version available for download, if you'd rather print it out (


(** My fourth story there and the first to be selected by new editor Colin Sullivan.)


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