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A couple of items that might interest my legions of readers...

Over at AnthologyBuilder, you'll find a new print collection of my published alternate history stories: Never Was, Nor Ever Will Be. The cover, by Dean Spencer, has been used by other AB anthologists, but it's so surpassingly beautiful (and apt for this collection) that I couldn't resist it.

Fair warning: five of the seven stories collected in this book have appeared in various ebook editions.

And talking of ebook editions: I wasn't intending to do any more free promos for my first Kindle e-book, but as have kindly publicised Alternate Apollos in their Explore section, I've decided to make it available for free today on Amazon. There's a "buy" button linked to at or you can find the ebook in the usual way at the other Amazons, e.g. here for the Brits.

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My newest ebook for Kindle, None of Our Yesterdays, is free to download today from and It is also available from the Eurozone branches of Amazon.

If you enjoyed the alternate history stories collected in my Alternate Apollos ebook, here's a pair on a very different theme.

This is what [profile] runmentionable had to say about None of Our Yesterdays: "Highly recommended for SF and/or alternative history fans and a real bargain." (Full review here.) Needless to say, this ebook will never be a better bargain than it is today.

Finally, a plea: if you enjoyed reading these free stories and can spare the time, please leave a ranking and/or brief review at the site where you downloaded the ebook. Every little helps. Thanks!

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Alternate Apollos
, my first ebook, is at #48 in the chart for paid-for SF short fiction available in Kindle editions. Check out numbers 41-60; there are some big hitters in that list.

Also available on other Amazons.


Mar. 1st, 2012 12:20 pm
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I've just published my first e-book.

Alternate Apollos
is a Kindle chapbook that collects three of my previously published stories, namely Moon Flu, Sons of the Earth and Dying of the Light (originally published in Hub as TLP). It's available from and (also the European Amazons) for tiny amounts of your e-cash.

If you don't have a Kindle, fear not! The iPhone/iPad Kindle apps are free, likewise the Kindle for PC (etc) download. Please spread the word!

The cover is by my dear friend, Tony Hughes (no, he's not on-line). Needless to say, I'm delighted with it.


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