Apr. 8th, 2013 07:55 pm
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So Margaret Thatcher is dead. I can't claim I'll miss her, though I'm not one to wish people dead just because I disagreed with their policies (profoundly). But still, at times like this, as an occasional writer of alternate histories, I tend to think "what might have been?"

Some years ago, I read an alt.hist (in a newspaper, I think) that intrigued me. IIRC it went something like this:

- Thatcher takes UK military's advice not to reduce the Falklands garrison, hence no invasion by Argentina or "war" with which Thatcher can rebuild her already waning popularity.
- Tories narrowly lose the 1983 general election.
- Labour form a minority or tiny majority government. But Foot, Benn and co can't hold the centre. There's a second Winter of Discontent, so by 1985/86 they become effectively powerless.
- Meanwhile, Heseline has taken over the tory leadership and is duly elected PM. UK gets a technocratic rather than ideological tory government, which governs through the late 80s and early 90s (at least). Slow economic recovery. Closer relationship with EU is one possible result.

(With all due apologies for any distortions or ad-libbing by me!)

So, what happened next? Did we get Blair and co eventually, one way or another? Do we arrive at much the the same UK in 2013 via either route, but perhaps achieved rather more humanely one way than the other? Or do macro/global factors dominate the outcome and it doesn't matter who governs us, when?

Feel free to discuss!

(NB. I've seen some alt.hist posted on-line in which Thatcher dies in the Brighton bomb blast... that's not what I'm thinking of.)

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