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I'm delighted to learn that Neil Williamson's story, Arrhythmia, has made it through to the shortlist (of four) for the BSFA short fiction award.

As well as a thoroughly well deserved nod for Neil, this is a superb result for Mutation Press, given that Music for Another World was its first publication. Editor/publisher Mark Harding has done a wonderful job with the book. What can I say other than "go buy it!" If you want a taster, Neil's story is available for download on the web site (

Also worth noting that all four categories of the BSFA award have very strong-looking shortlists:

(In passing, I should add that I was thrilled to have my own MfAW story nominated for the award too, one of three stories from the anthology that were so recognised.)


Jan. 4th, 2011 10:02 pm
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I've received my first ever British Science Fiction Association award nomination, for my short story 'Star in a Glass', which was published in Music for Another World (Mutation Press). See here: It is of course a very long list of stories and authors. Further votes much appreciated, of course! (From BSFA members who liked my story, obviously.) If you want to read 'Star in a Glass' before deciding whether it's worth voting for, please ping me an LJ message. Deadline for nominations is 14 January.

It's heartening to see that several of my LJ friends have stories on the list. I'd include their LJ names here, but for some reason my LJ editor is being rubbish at the moment (does anyone else have no RTF facility?). Anyway, I spotted Chris Butler, David L Clements, Aliette De Bodard, Rochita Luenen-Ruiz, Melissa Mead and Kari Sperring on the list. More soon, no doubt.

Also, we've probably all had our fiction recommended by friends to strangers. Well, I recently experienced the reverse, when a friend told me that, back in September, a colleague handed him a copy of Nature and suggested he read the back-page story, saying "You should read this", or words to that effect. The story was 'Dark They Were, and Strange Inside'. At the time, said friend only knew my first name, but a spot of googling soon confirmed his suspicions.

Word of mouth: ain't it great?


Edit (5/1/11):
If you'd like to read 'Dark They Were...', it's here: You don't have to subscribe to Nature to read their fiction!
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It's a long shot, no doubt, but...

I've only had a couple of stories published this year, but if you read and enjoyed either of them, please consider nominating it (or them!) for the appropriate award, e.g. Hugo, Nebula... or perhaps more plausibly the BSFA ( or BFS (

Dark They Were, and Strange Inside was published in Nature Futures (9 September 2010). You can read this short-short here: The title is already an award winner:

Star in a Glass was published in Music for Another World (Mutation Press, August 2010). Yoy can read a brief extract from this short story here: (please wait for it to scroll into view). If that whets you appetite, PM me here on LJ and I'll email you the PDF of the story. The husband of a well-known writer of this parish commented thus on Star in a Glass: "f***ing brilliant". Admittedly, he is -- so I'm told! -- the target market for hard SF stories featuring drugs and rock music. The Future Fire also had good things to say about this story:

Over to you ;-)


Jun. 15th, 2010 10:13 pm
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As Part One of my prize for winning the 2010 Puddle Award for Best Flash Fiction Title, Jon Gibbs has posted a short interview with me here:


(Part Two will be a guest blog. Coming, um, shortly after I write it!)


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