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So, my three anthologies lost, but I won all the same!

To celebrate, I'm running a contest. This one requires skill luck!

The rules:

Answer these two questions in your comment to this post:

Q1. In Liz's collection of my stories, which is her favourite?
Q2. Which is my favourite?

You can have as many goes as you like.

I'll answer 0, 1 or 2 to each comment, depending on how many questions you get right. First to get a "2" wins a free copy of 'With Stars in His Eyes'. I'll buy it and AnthologyBuilder will despatch it to you.

Get guessing!

Edit: A big "thanks" to my dear friend Liz Holliday for compiling the winning anthology. I'm in her debt, of course.
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The AnthologyBuilder 2010 Most-Liked Anthology contest closes on Sunday. If you log on to the site, you can cast one vote every day until then.

There is also a 15%-off sale, today and tomorrow. Lots of great anthologies to buy, or you could build one of your own. If you haven't tried that yet, prepare to lose what little free time you thought you had available ;-)

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The second and final phase of AnthologyBuilder's "most liked anthology" contest is now open.

The nine finalists are here:

The rules are here:

Enjoy voting.

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Big shout out to [ profile] jongibbs for organising the contest, of course.


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