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My SF short-short 'Invisible Touch' is today's story on Daily Science Fiction (free to read!).

Here's the perma-link for the story.

And here's an excerpt from my comments about it:

The core idea for "Invisible Touch" popped up in my Twitter feed a little over a year ago... If you type "chroma key green screen bodysuits" (or similar) into your preferred search engine you should find it. After a while I started wondering about job security for someone working in such a niche. If the work dried up, would that skillset find another use?"
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Daily Science Fiction has just published my flash-length SF story 'Supply and Demand in the Post-War Economy'.

Stories published at Daily Science Fiction are free to read.

(If you'd like to read this story's two prequels, the links to them are on my web-site,

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I'm delighted to announce that Daily Science Fiction will be publishing my short story Supply and Demand in the Post-War Economy in a future issue.

That's my 27th story homed.

Supply and Demand... is the third in my Reeves series of all-dialogue pieces. The first (Writing on the Wall) appeared in Daily Science Fiction, the second (Warbling Their Way to War) in issue 8 of Plasma Frequency magazine.

There'll be more news closer to publication.
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From Diabolical Plots' review of Daily Science Fiction's stories published in April 2011:

“Writing on the Wall” by Vaughan Stranger (debut 4/21 and reviewed by James Hanzelka)

Nice humorous look at what happens as machines begin to think like humans.  Not a deep and philosophical as longer stories by someone like P.K. Dick, but in a short work still manages to take on the subject with humor and deft.  Very well done.

(It's a pity that James misspelt my name, but that happens quite regularly. I'm very pleased with his review, especially as the story is only 350 words long.)
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You can read my flash story Writing on the Wall for free at

I've already received some lovely feedback on this story. If you fancy a quick, light read, why not give it a try?

Perma-link here: (for when it's no longer the featured story!)


Apr. 21st, 2011 05:51 pm
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My ultra short-short (okay, flash) Writing on the Wall was emailed out to Daily Science Fiction's subscribers today. It will appear on their web site a week from now, at which point I'll post a link.

There are a few comments here:

[info]ideealisme likes it. And you know she has great taste ;-)


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