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My contributor's (print) copy arrived today. It looks excellent.

Here's the ToC (cribbed from marshallpayne1 on LJ):

Introduction - Bridget and Marti
"Patriot Girls" - Amy Sisson
"The True Story of Merganther's Run - David D. Levine
"Repairs" - TD Edge
"Evening in the Land of Dreams" - Mikal Trimm
"Pygmalion Redux" - Mikal Trimm
"Twilight at the Change House" - Jaine Fenn
"Rejection Letter" - Edward Morris
"Black Swan, White Swan" - Eugie Foster
"The Promise" Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
"The Eye Patch Protocol" - Vaughan Stanger
"Blue Valentine" - Amanda Downum
"Inspection Day" - Gaie Sebold
"The Last Jar of Mayo at the H&P" - Jeff Crook
"Making Aliens" - Greg Beatty
"The Cries of Upward Straining Corpses" - Greg Beatty
"Why Are You There" - Greg Beatty
"The River Came: Fragmented Recall" - Lavie Tidhar
"If We Shadows Have Offended" - Sarah L. Edwards
"Silver Harbor" - Tina Connolly
"Bullet" - Marshall Payne

That's damned fine company to be in, including several friends. I'm looking forward to reading all the stories.

You can buy the book here.

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The ePub and Mobi versions of End of an Aeon arrived today. A printed copy is in the post. Nice to see 'The Eye Patch Protocol' published in pixels, at last.

End of an Aeon

If you'd like to buy the anthology, browse here. I gather that it will also be on Amazon and B&N soon.

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Originally accepted by Aeon way back in September 2008, my story The Eye Patch Protocol** will appear in End of an Aeon, the long-awaited anthology from former Aeon editors Bridget and Marti McKenna, coming from Fairwood Press in July.

If you're interested, you can preorder the anthology here:

Several of my LJ friends have stories in this anthology, including [ profile] snickelish, [ profile] amysisson, [ profile] maeve_the_red and [ profile] marshallpayne1.

I'll post the story's artwork when it's available to me.

** And no, it's not about pirates.


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