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Sadly I can't make Eastercon this year...

But if you are heading off to Bradford for this weekend's fun and games, why not visit Mars en route? Joe and Masie would love to be your guides.

E-tickets are available to purchase from and

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First and Third is a rollicking robot romp set on Mars, which was originally published in "Unfit for Eden" from PS Publishing (a.k.a. Postscripts 26/27). 

As usual, the cover is by my close friend Tony Hughes. This time he opted to paint digitally and in colour. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the results.

The Kindle edition of First and Third is available to buy for tiny amounts of e-cash from, and all other Amazon tributaries.

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In SF Revu's review of Postscripts 26/27 'Unfit for Eden':

"First and Third" by Vaughan Stanger – Joe loves Maisie, even though she's dead. He keeps her mind alive, downloaded on some sort of server. He wants to keep her going until she achieves something called Rapture. It would take too long to explain the intricacies of all this. He makes a living on Mars repairing robots, but he's on the run from the law. Things get more complicated after that. Joe and Maisie are characters you'll like and that's enough for any story.

I'll take that.


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My Mars-set SF story, First and Third, has been published in Postscripts 26/27: Unfit for Eden (available from PS Publishing).

Here's the superb (IMHO) cover:

I'm fortunate indeed to appear in a ToC as illustrious as this:
  • Michael Bishop - Unfit for Eden
  • Darrell Schweitzer - True Blue
  • Mike Chinn - Saving Prince Romero
  • Richard Calder - Madeline Smith
  • Quentin S. Crisp - Non-Attachment
  • Matthew Hughes - The Scribe of Betelgeuse V
  • Eric Brown - The Room Beyond
  • Thomas Olde Heuvelt - The Boy Who Cast No Shadow
  • Christopher Harman - The Reader
  • Robert Reed - Emergence
  • Greg Ouiring - The Man Who Hated Shakespeare
  • Amber D. Sistla - The Summer of Our Discontent
  • Mike Resnick - A Weighty Affair
  • George Hulseman - The Sea Witch
  • Vaughan Stanger - First and Third
  • Lavie Tidhar - Black Gods Kiss
  • Robert T. Jeschonek - Warning! Do Not Read This Story!
  • Steven Utley - Crime and Punishment
  • Simon Unsworth - Borough Station
  • Jessica Reisman - The Bottom Garden
  • Kit Reed - Tasmin
  • Andrew Drummond - Dr. Calvin’s Grand Illuminated Bestial Pleasure Dome
  • Michael Swanwick - Pushkin the American
  • Michael Kelly - Conversations with the Dead
  • Eric Schaller - The Parasite
  • Neal Barrett, Jr. - Trash
If you're interested in buying this print anthology, please follow this link.


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