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News just in:

Dark They Were, And Strange Inside, a short-short originally published in Nature's Futures column, will be translated into Romanian and published in Revista Nautilus, an on-line magazine.

That's the second foreign language for this hard-working story, and its third reprint in all.

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Niels Dalgaard, the editor of Proxima (Denmark), has just emailed me to say that he wants to put 'Dark They Were, and Strange Inside' in the next issue of his magazine.

That's my third foreign translation ever, and the second reprinting of this story, which originally appeared in Nature 'Futures' in 2010.

That little story sure works hard for me.

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Yesterday, I lobbed 9 submissions out to foreign language markets in China, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Greece, France and Estonia.

I do this maybe once a year or so. Since my first try in 2004, I've received 4 acceptances from 23 attempts resulting in 2 published stories, which appeared in Nowa Fantastyka (Polish) and Mercury (Hebrew). As these are stories for translation and reprinting, I think of them as fire-and-forget submissions, not usually worth querying. My experience is that most foreign language markets don't send rejections. I usually "give up" after one year. The occasional successes make the exercise worthwhile, though.

If you've never considered such markets before, why not give them a try? It's a good way to expand one's readership and can't do any harm if you're in negotiations with an agent or novel publisher (which I'm not!).

Douglas Smith maintains an excellent resource site here, which contains all the foreign language marketing information you could ever want.


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