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I'm pleased to announced that Trevor Denyer has accepted my horror fantasy short story Extra Time for reprinting in his new magazine, Hellfire Crossroads.

Extra Time was originally published in Hub #99, in October 2009.

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My third ebook has just been published in a Kindle edition. The English Dead was originally published in Issue 36 of Hub. This short story remains one of my personal favourites, so I'm hugely grateful to Lee Harris, the chief editor of Hub, for having published it in the first place.

Once again, the cover is by my close friend, Tony Hughes.

(A larger version of the cover art is here)

From the review in The Fix (14/1/08): “The English Dead” is an excellent story and fundamentally good SF.... The climbing lingo reads authentically to a layman like myself. The obsessions of the tale’s central characters are well-portrayed, informing their decisions and actions as they move towards a convincing conclusion.

The English Dead is available to purchase from and, also from the Eurozone Amazons.

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Hub has just published a mordant and beautifully written fantasy story by my dear friend, Liz Holliday. She has taken some traditional materials and weaved something lovely out of them.

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This Nebula Awards self-promotion thing, I mean.


Under the new rules, I have one short story that is definitely eligible. That's 'Extra Time', which was electronically published by Hub this October. If you wish to, you can read it here:

(An aside: I find it a bit perplexing that stories published by a British electronic magazine are eligible under the rules while stories published by an award-winning British print magazine/anthology like Postscripts are not. But those are the rules.)

Not so clear cut are 'The Last Botnet' and 'String-driven Thing', published in Futures in Nature Physics and Nature respectively. Each of these publications describes itself as an "international journal". NPG, which publishes both, has offices in New York as well as London. Does that qualify it/them? If anyone more Nebula-savvy than me can answer that question, I'd be pleased to know.

If you'd like to read either of my Futures short-shorts, irrespective of their eligibility, please send me an LJ message containing your email address.

Now I'm going to wash my hands.
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Extra Time is my third story to be published in Hub and my fifteenth story to be published in all.

My thanks go to Lee Harris and the Hub posse.

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Hub Magazine will be publishing my story Extra Time in Issue 99, due soon.

Extra Time
is that rare beast: a sports-themed fantasy story (with a hint of SF). It's been quite a wait since the acceptance (last October), but well worth it. Hub has around 10000 subscribers.

I'll put the link up when the issue comes out, sometime during the next few days.


Oct. 14th, 2008 06:08 pm
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Late yesterday, I heard from Lee Harris (Hub). He wants to publish "Extra Time". The contract arrived today. Now that's what I call service.

Extra Time is that (relatively) rare bird, a sports-themed fantasy story.

Hub is proving a happy hunting ground for me -- I'm three for three there.



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