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This time of year, I often get a little wistful as friends of mine head off to the annual Milford Workshop, which is held in beautiful Snowdonia.

At my first Milford I had the great pleasure to workshop with Chris Butler. I'd read a couple of his stories in Interzone and other magazines, so I was somewhat in awe of him. I needn't have worried, as Chris proved completely down-to-earth. We got on splendidly and have remained friends since.

Chris's sole workshop piece that year was a striking fantasy novella, The Flight of the Ravens, which, even in an incomplete form necessitated by workshop length restrictions, offered a particularly vivid and gripping read. So, now that it has been published by Immersion Press, I am delighted to have the opportunity do some signal boosting. (Yes, eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that Chris said some kind things about stories of mine only today on LJ. Ignore that, since this post is about something far more important.) Put simply, The Flight of the Ravens is a must-read for those of you who value high quality fantasy fiction.

You can purchase hardback editions of The Flight of the Ravens at and I recommend it unreservedly.

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Just got word from Pete Crowther at PS Publishing that he's buying 'First and Third' for the Postscripts Anthology Series. Yes, I'm officially jazzed.

I workshopped this story (borderline novelette) at Milford in 2007. There are several folk from this parish who helped, including [ profile] maeve_the_red , [ profile] birdsedge , [ profile] mevennen , [ profile] purplecthulhu[ profile] la_marquise_de_  and [info][ profile] klwilliams. If forgot anyone, please let me know!

That's my fourth success (from six stories) from Milford and my fourth success at Postscripts (from seven submissions).

Did I say that I recommend Milford? Or that I love Postscripts?

(PS. I'm obliged to point out that Postscripts is not open to unsolicited submissions. )

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I've received an acceptance for my story 'Star in a Glass' from British anthology, Music For Another World (

And so ended a dry spell that lasted 554 days. Boy, am I ever glad about that. This is my first acceptance for a themed anthology, too.

For those who are interested, this story started life as a very different piece called A Glassful of Stars, which was workshopped at Milford in 2005. [ profile] maeve_the_red, [ profile] mevennen  and [ profile] merriehaskell may, perhaps, dimly remember it. Their criticism was hard but fair. My writers' group, One Step Beyond, also suffered through the story's various incarnations.  It seems I got it right in the end :-)

Persistence pays.


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