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My short-short SF story Bee Futures will be published in the 2 May issue of Nature**. But you can read it on-line now, for free!

There's also a one-page PDF version available for download, if you'd rather print it out (


(** My fourth story there and the first to be selected by new editor Colin Sullivan.)

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Dark They Were, and Strange Inside has been translated into Danish and reprinted in issue 95 of Proxima -- a magazine published by  Science Fiction Circlen (Danish Science Fiction Society).

This short-short originally appeared in Nature 'Futures' in 2010 and was subsequently reprinted in The Science Fact Science Fiction Concatenation, as (in their view) one of the best 'Futures' of that year.

Proxima is a smart-looking magazine. Here's the cover:

I'm thrilled to see my third foreign language translation in print. The others were in Polish (Nowa Fantastyka) and Hebrew (Mercury).

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(Advisory: X-posted to Facebook.)

That's my 17th published story.

As well as appearing in the world's premier science journal, the story is also available to read here:

Or you can download the much prettier PDF for free from here:


(And if you're ever wondering where to submit that 900-word hard(ish) SF short-short, I reckon a swift glance at the PDF, the £85/$130 payment and the readership in the several tens of thousands should get your attention. Oh, and it will count towards your SFWA membership too.)
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Nature has made my available my 2009 short-short, String-driven Thing, available as a PDF for free download or reading on-line.

I posted this story on my LJ a while back, but here it is as published, with nice illustration. Not sure whether this is a limited-time offer or not. My Nature Physics story from 2008, The Last Botnet, is not currently available (except for money).

Thanks to [ profile] chrisbutler  for the head's up. (He had spotted one of his own.)
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Just received word from Dr. Henry Gee that he wants to buy my short-short Dark They Were, and Strange Inside for Nature's Futures column.

(I'm three acceptances from three submissions there.)

And that's my third sale in just over a month after 19 months of SFA. Funny old (publishing) world, isn't it?

Anyway, that's officially a "Woo hoo!" from me -- and my 19th story sold.

(Edit: I should mentioned that the story's title won a coveted "Puddle" a while back! See here: for details.)
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This Nebula Awards self-promotion thing, I mean.


Under the new rules, I have one short story that is definitely eligible. That's 'Extra Time', which was electronically published by Hub this October. If you wish to, you can read it here:

(An aside: I find it a bit perplexing that stories published by a British electronic magazine are eligible under the rules while stories published by an award-winning British print magazine/anthology like Postscripts are not. But those are the rules.)

Not so clear cut are 'The Last Botnet' and 'String-driven Thing', published in Futures in Nature Physics and Nature respectively. Each of these publications describes itself as an "international journal". NPG, which publishes both, has offices in New York as well as London. Does that qualify it/them? If anyone more Nebula-savvy than me can answer that question, I'd be pleased to know.

If you'd like to read either of my Futures short-shorts, irrespective of their eligibility, please send me an LJ message containing your email address.

Now I'm going to wash my hands.
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This hard SF short-short was originally published in Futures (Nature Physics) in September 2008.

(Oh, and there are another ten of my stories there too, should you wish to indulge in a spot of anthologising.)

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Nature published String-Driven Thing in its Futures fiction column yesterday.

I'm still waiting for my copy of this most august of scientific journals to turn up, but in the meantime I'll stave off the frustration of not having got my paws on it yet by reminding myself that Nature has a circulation exceeding 50000.

Go me!


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I've just received an acceptance for 'String Driven Thing' from Henry Gee at Nature. This satirical SF short-short will appear in Nature's Futures column, presumably next year.

Nature Physics published another of my SF short-shorts earlier this year, so I'm doing rather well there. 

Nice to have another pro sale. That's three this year -- the other was Aeon Speculative Fiction.


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...Was published in Futures (Nature Physics) today. I've just received my copy of the September issue. It looks absolutely smashing. My short-short is on the back page, nicely and aptly illustrated.

The Nature crew were great to work with. If you have a hard SF short-short that needs a home, think about sending it there.

To think that this ex-astronomer finally made it into Nature! Okay, through the back door, but still... ;-)

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I've just received the page proof for my Nature Physics story (The Last Botnet).

Nice illustration!

The Last Botnet will be my twelfth published story when it appears in next month's issue. It's only the second time in my career that I've had proofs to check. The first was for 'Slices of Life' in 3SF, edited by the inestimable Liz Holliday, way back in 2002.



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