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News just in:

Dark They Were, And Strange Inside, a short-short originally published in Nature's Futures column, will be translated into Romanian and published in Revista Nautilus, an on-line magazine.

That's the second foreign language for this hard-working story, and its third reprint in all.

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Congratulations to the Concatenation team, who deservedly won the 2012 Eurocon Award for best web site.

I'm delighted Concatenation received this recognition, not least because they reprinted one of my Nature Futures stories (Dark They Were, and Strange Inside) in December 2011. A tiny contribution to their web site, undoubtedly, but a contribution all the same.


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Human Nature compiles my three Nature 'Futures' short-shorts (The Last Botnet, String-driven Thing and Dark They Were, and Strange Inside) into a handsomely packaged e-book for Kindle and Kindle-emulating apps (for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC,...). Dark They Were... was ranked among The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation's favourite 'Futures' published in 2010.

Once again, the cover is by good friend Tony Hughes.

Human Nature is available to purchase for tiny amounts of e-cash from:
(also the European Amazons)

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As promised (quite a few months ago!), my short-short story Dark They Were, and Strange Inside has been reprinted by the good folk at The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation.

Dark They Were...
was first published in Nature Futures in September 2010. 'Futures' is edited by Henry Gee, to whom all due thanks. Concatenation selected it for reprinting as one of the best of the 'Futures' stories published that year.

Happy Christmas!

More string

Mar. 1st, 2011 05:58 pm
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Henry Gee, editor of Futures in Nature and Nature Physics, has been "reprinting" some of his favourites from the last several years. So here is his Facebook anouncement about String-driven Thing by your's truly. Yes, it's free to read.



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