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This PDF-zine is free to download, although a donation is always appreciated. Sadly, it looks as though Midnight Street is going on indefinite hiatus.

Published on my birthday, too :-)
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The ePub and Mobi versions of End of an Aeon arrived today. A printed copy is in the post. Nice to see 'The Eye Patch Protocol' published in pixels, at last.

End of an Aeon

If you'd like to buy the anthology, browse here. I gather that it will also be on Amazon and B&N soon.

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You can read my flash story Writing on the Wall for free at

I've already received some lovely feedback on this story. If you fancy a quick, light read, why not give it a try?

Perma-link here: (for when it's no longer the featured story!)


Apr. 21st, 2011 05:51 pm
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My ultra short-short (okay, flash) Writing on the Wall was emailed out to Daily Science Fiction's subscribers today. It will appear on their web site a week from now, at which point I'll post a link.

There are a few comments here:

[info]ideealisme likes it. And you know she has great taste ;-)

More string

Mar. 1st, 2011 05:58 pm
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Henry Gee, editor of Futures in Nature and Nature Physics, has been "reprinting" some of his favourites from the last several years. So here is his Facebook anouncement about String-driven Thing by your's truly. Yes, it's free to read.

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I got home tonight, after my last day at work for this year, to find a large, book-shaped parcel from the USA.  I wasn't expecting anything. Could it be a Christmas present from a friend? The packaging was unnlightening in this respect. I couldn't recall ordering anything from

Inside the parcel, I found two copies of Futuristic Motherhood, an anthology edited by Trula Breckenridge. To my amazement, the book contains a reprint of 'Slices of Life' (first published in 3SF, way back in 2002). Payment of $100 will be forthcoming. Who knew? Not me. In fact, I do recall receiving a rejection for this story from Trula, some years ago. Quite why this has been reversed, I don't know and certainly don't care.

Am I allowed to say "Woot!"?

(You bet I am.)

There's more about the book here:

Finally, my heartfelt thanks go to Trula, for adding some much-needed joy to my Christmas.

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(Advisory: X-posted to Facebook.)

That's my 17th published story.

As well as appearing in the world's premier science journal, the story is also available to read here:

Or you can download the much prettier PDF for free from here:


(And if you're ever wondering where to submit that 900-word hard(ish) SF short-short, I reckon a swift glance at the PDF, the £85/$130 payment and the readership in the several tens of thousands should get your attention. Oh, and it will count towards your SFWA membership too.)
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You can buy the book here:

(Or you can find it on Amazon.)

This handsome-looking anthology contains my story, Star in a Glass, plus lots of enticing work by some very fine writers, including [ profile] aliettedb of this parish.

Happy reading!

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Extra Time is my third story to be published in Hub and my fifteenth story to be published in all.

My thanks go to Lee Harris and the Hub posse.


Dec. 31st, 2008 11:19 am
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My thirteenth published story, Stars in Her Eyes, hits the bookshelves today, with the publication of issue 17 of Postscripts. I've just received my subscription copy. My hardback contributor's copy will be along in due course.

The paperback is gorgeous; the hardback, which will doubtless take a few weeks to turn up since I've only just finished with the signing sheets, will be beyond gorgeous (trust me). As a fellow writer put it: it will levitate under the power of its own gorgeousness and demand worship from all who behold it. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, but not much.

The suitably festive cover is here:

This is the final issue of Postscripts magazine. Fortunately Postscripts is continuing as a quarterly anthology.

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...Was published in Futures (Nature Physics) today. I've just received my copy of the September issue. It looks absolutely smashing. My short-short is on the back page, nicely and aptly illustrated.

The Nature crew were great to work with. If you have a hard SF short-short that needs a home, think about sending it there.

To think that this ex-astronomer finally made it into Nature! Okay, through the back door, but still... ;-)

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The English Dead are unearthed at last:



PS. This is my tenth published story.


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