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When you finally get round to reading this book, it makes you groan, it makes you cringe, it makes you want to spit. You discover that it's a surprisingly easy read, but prickly like a cactus. It snags your mind with its barbs and won't let go. You feel ashamed that you didn't read it decades ago. It's taken you this long because you were too bloody daunted.

Now, as you finish this book, you realise it's one of the tiny handful of truly brilliant books you've ever read, or ever will read.

Yeah, that book.

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The sound quality isn't great, but if you click this link you can watch me give my first ever reading of my own fiction, at the recent Music for Another World gig.


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Needless to say, I had a lot of fun during my short trip to Glasgow. The highlight, of course, was the Music for Another World gig at The Universal on Thursday evening. I read an extract from Star in a Glass, which seemed to go pretty well, especially considering that I've not read my work in public before. Everyone was very friendly. It was great to meet Mark Harding (editor/publisher), plus fellow MfAW authors Neil Williamson, Jim Steel and Sean Martin, also other notable local writers like Hal Duncan. And then there were the delightfully retro musical delights of Markee de Saw and Bert Finkle. The former is delightful (and hugely talented); the latter bears an uncanny resemblence to Neil (who is also hugely talented, of course).

I expect there will be some photos and clips from the gig
here in due course, to accompany those from the first event in the series, which was held last year.

Glasgow is a vibrant, culturally rich city. I explored the Necropolis, ploughed through as many of the (excellent) galleries and museums as I could manage before exhaustion set in, drank a load of beer (thanks, guys), and came home happy. I hope to go again some day, to meet-up with my new-found friends and continue the campaign of cultural absorption.
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So, it's my first day off since adopting a four days a week working pattern and did I do any writing?

Well, kind of, a bit...

All I got done was a preamble to the extract from my story, Star in a Glass, that I'll be reading in public at the second Music For Another World gig, a week tomorrow. Yes, the World Tour continues! More information here:

I've never read my own** work in public before, so I hope the audience of (predominantly) Glaswegians will be in a generous mood ;-)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to visiting Glasgow!

** I have read the work of others, though, as is hinted at here: (Sadly, the referenced article, which described the my experiences, does not appear to be on-line at the moment. Perhaps I'll re-post it here some day.)


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