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The editor of InterNova, Michael Iwoleit, has just informed me that he wishes to reprint my rock star/astronomy/cold fusion SF story Star in a Glass.

Star in a Glass originally appeared in Music for Another World (Mutation Press) in 2010.

Needless to say, I'm very happy with that!
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Dark They Were, and Strange Inside has been translated into Danish and reprinted in issue 95 of Proxima -- a magazine published by  Science Fiction Circlen (Danish Science Fiction Society).

This short-short originally appeared in Nature 'Futures' in 2010 and was subsequently reprinted in The Science Fact Science Fiction Concatenation, as (in their view) one of the best 'Futures' of that year.

Proxima is a smart-looking magazine. Here's the cover:

I'm thrilled to see my third foreign language translation in print. The others were in Polish (Nowa Fantastyka) and Hebrew (Mercury).

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Niels Dalgaard, the editor of Proxima (Denmark), has just emailed me to say that he wants to put 'Dark They Were, and Strange Inside' in the next issue of his magazine.

That's my third foreign translation ever, and the second reprinting of this story, which originally appeared in Nature 'Futures' in 2010.

That little story sure works hard for me.

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Originally published in Postscripts #9, The Peace Criminal has just been reprinted on-line in issue 6 of Lacuna: A Journal of Historical Fiction.

This the first time this 6000 word story has been free to read. The illustrations are wonderful. Big thanks go to Megan Arkenberg for providing an on-line home for my story.

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I've received a very pleasing Boxing Day present, namely an acceptance from Lacuna: A Journal of Historical Fiction, for a reprint of The Peace Criminal, a story which was originally published in issue 9 of Postscripts in 2006.

A very nice way to end the year.
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As promised (quite a few months ago!), my short-short story Dark They Were, and Strange Inside has been reprinted by the good folk at The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation.

Dark They Were...
was first published in Nature Futures in September 2010. 'Futures' is edited by Henry Gee, to whom all due thanks. Concatenation selected it for reprinting as one of the best of the 'Futures' stories published that year.

Happy Christmas!

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My contributor's copy of Mercury arrived today, a welcome fillip in a year when there's been no other good news on the writing front. (In fact, I haven't sold anything other than reprints for 14 months.)

Mercury is an Israeli SF magazine, very nicely produced in A4 format with a full colour cover, black and white interior illos and clear text. It is printed in Hebrew, of course, so the pages are read right to left, which means the whole magazine seems back to front to me. It is a strange but enchanting effect, making the magazine appear other-worldly and, ahem, truly science fictional. This is one of most delightful aspects of being published in translation. This is only my second time; the first was in a Polish magazine called Nowa Fantastyka.

Hebrew script is unrecognisable to me, even to the extent that I can't read my name, but the publishers of Mercury have illustrated Moon Flu, so I worked out that it's this issue's final story. I hope Mercury's subscribers enjoy reading it.

I was paid $50, which I consider very respectable (roughly 2 cents a word) for a reprint. I'd certainly work with these friendly and generous folk again.

(The cover shown on the web site is from the current issue. I think my story was published in issue 27.)


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