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I'm delighted to announce that Daily Science Fiction will be publishing my short story Supply and Demand in the Post-War Economy in a future issue.

That's my 27th story homed.

Supply and Demand... is the third in my Reeves series of all-dialogue pieces. The first (Writing on the Wall) appeared in Daily Science Fiction, the second (Warbling Their Way to War) in issue 8 of Plasma Frequency magazine.

There'll be more news closer to publication.
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If you'd like to read a SETI tale written by me, then you can download Stars in Her Eyes in Kindle format, for zero of your preferred currency units, from all Amazon sites today (actually, I think that is until 08:00 tomorrow).


UK readers:

Matt Colborne's 5* review ( "This is an entertaining 'first contact' story that cleverly combines 'mind hacking' with extraterrestrials. It's also a good read for those of us who are amateur astronomers, and have SETI@home as a screensaver. Recommended."


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She's waiting for you to dive in...

Brits plunge into this pool.

Others leap into this one.

Play safely in there...

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I got home tonight, after my last day at work for this year, to find a large, book-shaped parcel from the USA.  I wasn't expecting anything. Could it be a Christmas present from a friend? The packaging was unnlightening in this respect. I couldn't recall ordering anything from

Inside the parcel, I found two copies of Futuristic Motherhood, an anthology edited by Trula Breckenridge. To my amazement, the book contains a reprint of 'Slices of Life' (first published in 3SF, way back in 2002). Payment of $100 will be forthcoming. Who knew? Not me. In fact, I do recall receiving a rejection for this story from Trula, some years ago. Quite why this has been reversed, I don't know and certainly don't care.

Am I allowed to say "Woot!"?

(You bet I am.)

There's more about the book here:

Finally, my heartfelt thanks go to Trula, for adding some much-needed joy to my Christmas.

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(Advisory: X-posted to Facebook.)

That's my 17th published story.

As well as appearing in the world's premier science journal, the story is also available to read here:

Or you can download the much prettier PDF for free from here:


(And if you're ever wondering where to submit that 900-word hard(ish) SF short-short, I reckon a swift glance at the PDF, the £85/$130 payment and the readership in the several tens of thousands should get your attention. Oh, and it will count towards your SFWA membership too.)


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