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Hi folks

Long time, no see. I hope you are all doing well.

If you're looking for summer reading, why not try my SF collection Moondust Memories? The Kindle edition is currently only $0.99 from or £0.99 from This price drop ends 28 July at 12:00. There is also a paperback edition available, for $4.99/£3.99, from the same marketplaces.

If you're looking for some free reads, including links to my most recently published stories, you'll find them here.

In other news: I'm working on a new ebook collection, which should be published by October.


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Daily Science Fiction has just published my flash-length SF story 'Supply and Demand in the Post-War Economy'.

Stories published at Daily Science Fiction are free to read.

(If you'd like to read this story's two prequels, the links to them are on my web-site,

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The Kindle edition of my SF collection Moondust Memories is just £0.99 to buy from until midnight on 11 June. These eleven stories were published in leading magazines and anthologies, such as Nature, Postscripts, End of an Aeon, and Music for Another World.

Here's what readers are saying about Moondust Memories:

Dylan S Hearn: "The tell-tale sign of great speculative fiction is that you are still thinking about it days after you finish reading. This has been the case for me with Moondust Memories. Highly recommended." (5* review on Amazon and Goodreads).

Paul Laville: "A fabulous read!" (FB post)

For those of you who prefer print to pixels, there's also a paperback edition available (e.g. £4.99 at
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For today and tomorrow only, my SF story 'Stars in Her Eyes' is free to download in Kindle format from and (and all other tributaries).

If you enjoy amateur astronomy and camping, this might well be the story for you. SETI enthusiasts should also like it.

Reviews from

"This bittersweet tale of first contact melds an intriguing premise with an engaging metaphor that emerges directly but subtly from the subject matter and doesn't feel the least bit forced or contrived. It also makes a smart point about the price we pay for change and progress without ever being didactic."

"This is an entertaining 'first contact' story that cleverly combines 'mind hacking' with extraterrestrials. It's also a good read for those of us who are amateur astronomers, and have SETI@home as a screensaver. Recommended."

(If you've read and enjoyed this one already, I do have seven other short story ebooks available in Kindle format, all available at very low prices, from and
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Stars in Her Eyes (Kindle edition) has received some very good reviews:

"This is an entertaining 'first contact' story that cleverly combines 'mind hacking' with extraterrestrials. It's also a good read for those of us who are amateur astronomers, and have SETI@home as a screensaver. Recommended." (Matt Colborn,, 5*)

"This author writes to make his readers think. His stories are unique and original. While reading his stories you will stop and think about the ideas the author presents and then you will enjoy watching how his take of that thought progresses through to the end. If you enjoy Hugh Howey's "Wool" series, you will enjoy reading Mr. Stanger. No zombies, no sad vampires just excellent, classic sci-fi writing." ("Tacky Tackitt,, 4*)

That's 6100 words of high quality SF for tiny amounts of your e-cash!

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I'm delighted to announce that I've sold my 900-word story In Every Dream Home to Neo-opsis magazine.

This excellent Canadian semi-pro magazine published an earlier story of mine, Survival Strategies, way back in 2005, so I'm delighted to be appearing in its pages** again.

** Yes, Neo-opsis is one of those old-fangled treezines!

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Then this ebook should help cleanse your palate.

"Tight, inventive and pleasingly nasty" wrote[ profile] runmentionable in his review on

Needless to say, I particularly like that "pleasingly nasty" bit.


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(Well, it's raining here in SE England...)

The Ultimate Show collects four stories on the theme of shows and other indoor pursuits. If you enjoy rock gigs, comedy nights, art events, or even staying at home to watch sport on television, these stories should appeal to you. None of them have previously appeared in a Kindle edition.

The Ultimate Show is available to purchase at all branches of Amazon, including and

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My newest ebook for Kindle, None of Our Yesterdays, is free to download today from and It is also available from the Eurozone branches of Amazon.

If you enjoyed the alternate history stories collected in my Alternate Apollos ebook, here's a pair on a very different theme.

This is what [profile] runmentionable had to say about None of Our Yesterdays: "Highly recommended for SF and/or alternative history fans and a real bargain." (Full review here.) Needless to say, this ebook will never be a better bargain than it is today.

Finally, a plea: if you enjoyed reading these free stories and can spare the time, please leave a ranking and/or brief review at the site where you downloaded the ebook. Every little helps. Thanks!

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I'm pleased to announce that my latest ebook, None of Our Yesterdays, is now available on Kindle.

None of Our Yesterdays
compiles two of my war-themed alternate history stories, The Peace Criminal and The Eye Patch Protocol. These stories were originally published in Postscripts #9 and End of an Aeon, respectively.

None of Our Yesterdays
is available for purchase from and, also the Eurozone Amazons.

As with my previous ebooks, the wonderful (if nightmarish!) cover is by Tony Hughes.

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Dark They Were, and Strange Inside has been translated into Danish and reprinted in issue 95 of Proxima -- a magazine published by  Science Fiction Circlen (Danish Science Fiction Society).

This short-short originally appeared in Nature 'Futures' in 2010 and was subsequently reprinted in The Science Fact Science Fiction Concatenation, as (in their view) one of the best 'Futures' of that year.

Proxima is a smart-looking magazine. Here's the cover:

I'm thrilled to see my third foreign language translation in print. The others were in Polish (Nowa Fantastyka) and Hebrew (Mercury).

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My third ebook has just been published in a Kindle edition. The English Dead was originally published in Issue 36 of Hub. This short story remains one of my personal favourites, so I'm hugely grateful to Lee Harris, the chief editor of Hub, for having published it in the first place.

Once again, the cover is by my close friend, Tony Hughes.

(A larger version of the cover art is here)

From the review in The Fix (14/1/08): “The English Dead” is an excellent story and fundamentally good SF.... The climbing lingo reads authentically to a layman like myself. The obsessions of the tale’s central characters are well-portrayed, informing their decisions and actions as they move towards a convincing conclusion.

The English Dead is available to purchase from and, also from the Eurozone Amazons.


Mar. 1st, 2012 12:20 pm
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I've just published my first e-book.

Alternate Apollos
is a Kindle chapbook that collects three of my previously published stories, namely Moon Flu, Sons of the Earth and Dying of the Light (originally published in Hub as TLP). It's available from and (also the European Amazons) for tiny amounts of your e-cash.

If you don't have a Kindle, fear not! The iPhone/iPad Kindle apps are free, likewise the Kindle for PC (etc) download. Please spread the word!

The cover is by my dear friend, Tony Hughes (no, he's not on-line). Needless to say, I'm delighted with it.

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A while back someone told me that green book covers don't sell. Please prove them wrong. This one, by Jeliza Patterson, is a beauty, which perfectly matches the anthology's theme of all things green and growing.

My favourite story in this set is the richly imaginative and very moving When Thorns are the Tips of Trees, by Jason Sanford, which was originally published in Interzone.

If you're interested in purchasing this book, it's available for the discounted price of $13.95 plus p&p from:
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This anthology doesn't only contain stories about climbing mountains, although you'll find splendid examples of that particular sub-genre here, including one of mine; but there also stories that happen to be set in upland locales, or on a high-altitude balloon, or on a space elevator.... Anywhere, in fact, that's "on high".

If I had to recommend just one story in this anthology it would be Matthew S. Rotundo's Ascension, which is giddy-making in all the right ways. It's a fabulous piece of work. There are also very fine stories by M. K. Hobson and Jaine Fenn, amongst others.

If you'd like to purchase this anthology, it is available at for $14.95 plus p&p.
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I've subscribed to Interzone since Issue 1, which was published way back in 1982. Since then, it has retained its status as one of the best SF magazines published anywhere. Seeing one of my stories appear in it, in 2003, was a career high for me.

I assembled Planet Interzone as a way of a thanking David Pringle, who published and edited the magazine for most of its long history, also Andy Cox and co (of TTA Press fame) who have done a brilliant job since taking over in 2004. The anthology contains some wonderful stories, with particular favourites by David Langford, Nicola Griffith, Gareth L Powell and David Redd, but my biggest thrill was to be able to include the undeservedly obscure (and frankly wonderful) The Finn by Sue Thomason.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of this anthology, which contains 17 stories, it's available
here for $14.95 plus P&P.
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Two years ago, I compiled Kill Your Darlings in honour of my dear friend Jaine's successful ascent to pro-dom, as signified by the publication of her first novel (Principles of Angels) by Gollancz. Since then more books have appeared. A successful career is well under way. Long may it continue.

As well as including four of Jaine's excellent stories, I took the opportunity to interleave four stories by other members of the One Step Beyond writers' group, of which Jaine was (and remains) a founder member. These include works by [ profile] lizholliday, Mike Lewis, Heather Lindsley and, um, me. Terrific writers the lot of them. Well, all except one of them ;-)

Anyone who has read much of Jaine's fiction will understand why I chose that title. M. K. Hobson's wonderful illustration matches it perfectly.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of this anthology, it's available
here for $14.95 plus P&P.
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Paradoxical Pasts contains twelve reprinted stories on the theme of alternate history. It probably goes without saying that some of my favourite books and stories tell tales of a past gone weird, or of a strange-seeming future that derived from some obscure point of diversion. Keith Roberts's Pavane remains my personal favourite at novel-length.

My favourite story in this collection is Ted Kosmatka's The Phrophet of Flores
. Before I included it in this anthology I hadn't read it; now I think of it as one of the best SF stories I've ever read. Yes, it's that good.

The cover art is by Frank Wu. A perfect fit to the anthology's theme and gloriously witty to boot. I am happy to confirm that the cover looks even better in printed form.

Nancy Fulda, AnthologyBuilder's founder and owner, was kind enough to feature this anthology not long after I completed it.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of this anthology, it's available
here at the discounted price of $13.95 plus P&P.
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Two Degrees of Separation was the first anthology I assembled using AnthologyBuilder. It contains 18 reprinted stories written by friends of mine and friends of those friends, plus me of course; hence the title. Having bought and read the book, I am happy to confirm that the standard of printing and the quality of the stories is very high.

My favourite stories include Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown by
[info]matthewsrotundo, This is the Universe by [info]lizholliday and  On the Deck of the Flying Bomb by David Redd.

It would be remiss of me if I didn't state just how much I love Robert Hole, Jr.'s picture. It's probably my favourite on AnthologyBuilder.

Two Degrees of Separation currently stands at Number Eight in the sales-ranked list of anthologies at

If you'd like to purchase a copy of this anthology, it's available
here at the discounted price of $13.95 plus P&P.
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Yesterday, I lobbed 9 submissions out to foreign language markets in China, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Greece, France and Estonia.

I do this maybe once a year or so. Since my first try in 2004, I've received 4 acceptances from 23 attempts resulting in 2 published stories, which appeared in Nowa Fantastyka (Polish) and Mercury (Hebrew). As these are stories for translation and reprinting, I think of them as fire-and-forget submissions, not usually worth querying. My experience is that most foreign language markets don't send rejections. I usually "give up" after one year. The occasional successes make the exercise worthwhile, though.

If you've never considered such markets before, why not give them a try? It's a good way to expand one's readership and can't do any harm if you're in negotiations with an agent or novel publisher (which I'm not!).

Douglas Smith maintains an excellent resource site here, which contains all the foreign language marketing information you could ever want.


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