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My SF short-short 'Invisible Touch' is today's story on Daily Science Fiction (free to read!).

Here's the perma-link for the story.

And here's an excerpt from my comments about it:

The core idea for "Invisible Touch" popped up in my Twitter feed a little over a year ago... If you type "chroma key green screen bodysuits" (or similar) into your preferred search engine you should find it. After a while I started wondering about job security for someone working in such a niche. If the work dried up, would that skillset find another use?"
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The editor of InterNova, Michael Iwoleit, has just informed me that he wishes to reprint my rock star/astronomy/cold fusion SF story Star in a Glass.

Star in a Glass originally appeared in Music for Another World (Mutation Press) in 2010.

Needless to say, I'm very happy with that!
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First and Third is a rollicking robot romp set on Mars, which was originally published in "Unfit for Eden" from PS Publishing (a.k.a. Postscripts 26/27). 

As usual, the cover is by my close friend Tony Hughes. This time he opted to paint digitally and in colour. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the results.

The Kindle edition of First and Third is available to buy for tiny amounts of e-cash from, and all other Amazon tributaries.

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News just in:

Dark They Were, And Strange Inside, a short-short originally published in Nature's Futures column, will be translated into Romanian and published in Revista Nautilus, an on-line magazine.

That's the second foreign language for this hard-working story, and its third reprint in all.

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Free to download onto your Kindle reader/app this weekend: In Deep with Janine, a short story of strange goings-on in a swimming pool. Available from and

[profile] marshallpayne  said of this story: "a slice of urban fantasy, told in his warm style and with characters who come alive. A moving, compelling character study. I really enjoyed this one."

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Niels Dalgaard, the editor of Proxima (Denmark), has just emailed me to say that he wants to put 'Dark They Were, and Strange Inside' in the next issue of his magazine.

That's my third foreign translation ever, and the second reprinting of this story, which originally appeared in Nature 'Futures' in 2010.

That little story sure works hard for me.

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Congratulations to the Concatenation team, who deservedly won the 2012 Eurocon Award for best web site.

I'm delighted Concatenation received this recognition, not least because they reprinted one of my Nature Futures stories (Dark They Were, and Strange Inside) in December 2011. A tiny contribution to their web site, undoubtedly, but a contribution all the same.


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As promised (quite a few months ago!), my short-short story Dark They Were, and Strange Inside has been reprinted by the good folk at The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation.

Dark They Were...
was first published in Nature Futures in September 2010. 'Futures' is edited by Henry Gee, to whom all due thanks. Concatenation selected it for reprinting as one of the best of the 'Futures' stories published that year.

Happy Christmas!

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This PDF-zine is free to download, although a donation is always appreciated. Sadly, it looks as though Midnight Street is going on indefinite hiatus.

Published on my birthday, too :-)
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The ePub and Mobi versions of End of an Aeon arrived today. A printed copy is in the post. Nice to see 'The Eye Patch Protocol' published in pixels, at last.

End of an Aeon

If you'd like to buy the anthology, browse here. I gather that it will also be on Amazon and B&N soon.

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If like me you write speculative fiction that's mostly set in the present day or near future, then sooner or later you'll end up facing the problem of event-induced obsolescence. William Gibson turned to writing fiction set in the  recent past rather than the near future. I completely understand why.

To give a mundane personal example: a few years ago I realised that three of my unpublished stories contained descriptions of characters smoking in pubs, clubs and concert venues, something which was banned In the UK in 2007. So, I made some swift edits and sent them out again. One of those stories recently sold.

Even worse than that, sometimes I use real people in my stories. Believe me, that's a tactic fraught with danger. I don't recommend it, even though I continue to do it. Sigh.

Today, another of my fictional futures went away, thanks to an untimely (if much anticipated) death. Published last year in the Music for Another World anthology. Star in a Glass features a drug-raddled female vocalist, name of Diva, who was explicitly modelled on Amy Winehouse. I even gave a nod to "Dame Amy" towards the end of the story. I rather liked the idea, however improbable, that eventually she would clean up her act and become not just a member of the rock establishment, but a member of the British aristocracy. Wasn't to be. No surprise there, sadly. But I wasn't trying to predict the future, just having fun with it.

I'm no fan of Amy Winehouse's music, and like many eventually became bored reading about her antics, but I'm still sad that she died so young.

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I've received an acceptance for a short story from Midnight Street, a British PDF 'zine.

Very pleased about this even though there's no pay involved. I've always admired this particular small press magazine, which keeps going against the odds by publishing quality fiction in a wide range of genres. The editor, Trevor Denyer, said of Hand in Glove: "I found the story clever and engaging with a distinctive style of writing that drew pathos from the circumstances of Arthur Lamb. Very good indeed." Which made my day, needless to say.

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A very nice (if tiny) review of Star in a Glass, also the anthology (Music for Another World) that it appears in:

"Vaughan Stanger's outstanding 'Star in a Glass', describing Diva's tortured and destructive rise to musical supremacy." (from p61)

And that wasn't even the Midnight Street's editor's favourite story!

If you love music and speculative fiction, this really is the anthology for you. It's still available for purchase (paper and electronic) here:
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Originally accepted by Aeon way back in September 2008, my story The Eye Patch Protocol** will appear in End of an Aeon, the long-awaited anthology from former Aeon editors Bridget and Marti McKenna, coming from Fairwood Press in July.

If you're interested, you can preorder the anthology here:

Several of my LJ friends have stories in this anthology, including [ profile] snickelish, [ profile] amysisson, [ profile] maeve_the_red and [ profile] marshallpayne1.

I'll post the story's artwork when it's available to me.

** And no, it's not about pirates.

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You can read my flash story Writing on the Wall for free at

I've already received some lovely feedback on this story. If you fancy a quick, light read, why not give it a try?

Perma-link here: (for when it's no longer the featured story!)


Apr. 21st, 2011 05:51 pm
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My ultra short-short (okay, flash) Writing on the Wall was emailed out to Daily Science Fiction's subscribers today. It will appear on their web site a week from now, at which point I'll post a link.

There are a few comments here:

[info]ideealisme likes it. And you know she has great taste ;-)

More string

Mar. 1st, 2011 05:58 pm
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Henry Gee, editor of Futures in Nature and Nature Physics, has been "reprinting" some of his favourites from the last several years. So here is his Facebook anouncement about String-driven Thing by your's truly. Yes, it's free to read.

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Nancy Fulda, the inestimable publisher of AnthologyBuilder, has announced that my SF story Star in a Glass is available for purchase here:

Plus she says good things about it, which is always pleasing. See

This story was originally published in the Music for Another World anthology. It's the one about a prog-metal-ballet band and their quest for performance enhancing substances... Go on, you know you want to read it ;-)

[Yes, I did wait for the 6 months of exclusivity to expire. And even after that, I did check with Mutation Press. Publisher Mark Harding was happy for me to go ahead. You can still purchase his excellent anthology here:]
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The sound quality isn't great, but if you click this link you can watch me give my first ever reading of my own fiction, at the recent Music for Another World gig.


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So, it's my first day off since adopting a four days a week working pattern and did I do any writing?

Well, kind of, a bit...

All I got done was a preamble to the extract from my story, Star in a Glass, that I'll be reading in public at the second Music For Another World gig, a week tomorrow. Yes, the World Tour continues! More information here:

I've never read my own** work in public before, so I hope the audience of (predominantly) Glaswegians will be in a generous mood ;-)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to visiting Glasgow!

** I have read the work of others, though, as is hinted at here: (Sadly, the referenced article, which described the my experiences, does not appear to be on-line at the moment. Perhaps I'll re-post it here some day.)


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