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For the duration of the World Cup (ends 13 July), I'll be donating 80% of any royalties I receive from sales of The Ultimate Show to Oxfam, a British charity easing suffering throughout the world. What's more, I'll donate 100% of any winnings I receive from the TTA Press World Cup sweepstake (I've drawn Germany) and round the donation total up to the next £10.

Included in The UItimate Show is 'Extra Time', a short story suitable for soccer/football fans and avoiders alike.

The Ultimate Show is available in Kindle format from all branches of Amazon, also in epub format
from Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. If you'd like to support this charity promotion, please go to my website's Books page and follow the link to the appropriate on-line store, which will take you to my author page and links to all my ebooks.

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My collection of SF & fantasy short stories, The Ultimate Show, is free to download today. If your Kindle is feeling starved of entertainment or is suffering from the post-Xmas blues, consider going to or to sate its hunger. This e-book is also available from the other branches of Amazon.

If you enjoy reading these stories, please spare a few moments to rate or review this e-book.

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I've reduced the price of The Ultimate Show -- my most recent collection of SF & fantasy short stories -- for the run-up to Christmas. This Kindle edition is now available for $2.05 (incl. sales tax) from and £1.28 from That's a 33% price drop!

None of these full-length stories have been published before in ebook form.

A reviewer wrote of the stories collected in The Ultimate Show that they are "tight, inventive and pleasingly nasty." In other words, just the thing for a spot of seasonal palate-cleansing. This ebook could be the perfect virtual stocking filler for your Kindle-toting friend!

More Christmas gift ideas can be found on my website's bookstore page.

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Then this ebook should help cleanse your palate.

"Tight, inventive and pleasingly nasty" wrote[ profile] runmentionable in his review on

Needless to say, I particularly like that "pleasingly nasty" bit.


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(Well, it's raining here in SE England...)

The Ultimate Show collects four stories on the theme of shows and other indoor pursuits. If you enjoy rock gigs, comedy nights, art events, or even staying at home to watch sport on television, these stories should appeal to you. None of them have previously appeared in a Kindle edition.

The Ultimate Show is available to purchase at all branches of Amazon, including and

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My latest ebook, The Ultimate Show, has just been released on Kindle.

The Ultimate Show collects four of my previously published SF and fantasy stories on the theme of shows. If you enjoy rock gigs, stand-up comedy, art events or perhaps spend a little too much time watching sport on TV, then this is the ebook for you.

The Ultimate Show is available for purchase at, and (and it's readily searchable at the other tributaries).

As with my other ebooks, the cover is by my great friend Tony Hughes. He rendered this one in pencil. It captures perfectly a scene from 'Slices of Life', one of the four stories included in this ebook. Needless to say, I regard myself as a fortunate author indeed to have such artistic talent on tap.


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